Chiptune Project Files

This is an archive of any chiptune file I made that is remotely worth sharing with the public. (Some didn’t meet even¬†that¬†standard).

All are 2A03-only unless specified. Anything annotated [1-N163] was a Game Boy-style arrangement made in Famitracker with stereo added in post. All Famitracker projects use 2A03 so it is not listed.


Songs arranged from scratch, sometimes in the style of another game or song. The good stuff!


Sort of a halfway point between a fully original arrangement and an edit. It’s when I extend an existing song with new material from other sources. Some are built on retraces, others are raw NSF Import.


Accurate reconstructions of existing songs in Famitracker. Not exciting, but potentially useful.

High-Quality Rips

This is where I take a song edit the melody into something else. All of these are raw NSFImport, so, they’re a mess internally. Sorry.